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Real-Time Video Enhancement

AI-based video enhancement features to level-up your video

True Night Vision

Our market-leading low light enhancement works in real-time in extreme darkness, in as low as 0.1 lux.

Real-Time Denoiser

Our denoiser beats industry-leading denoisers, and works in real-time.

Colour Correction

Capture sharper, bolder, more accurate image colour in real-time

HDR and Exposure Control

Improved Detection Accuracy

Real-time imaging enhancement for object recognition and machine vision applications

Bokeh Blur Effect

Blur backgrounds in real time, with precise outlining of faces and objects, and 3D depth.

Depth Mapping

Capture accurate 3D depth maps in real-time

Gaze Correction

Make direct eye contact during video conferences, and correct selfies in real-time.