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EETimes: Nitin Dahad hosts on Embedded Edge Podcast


EETimes journalist Nitin Dahan hosts's Benny Munitz on Embedded Edge, at Embedded World 2022.

Listen to the podcast here.

Transcript available on here.

NITIN DAHAD: I’m here with Benny Munitz of It’s a startup based in Israel. Benny, hello.

BENNY MUNITZ: Hello. Hello Nitin.

NITIN DAHAD: Tell me a little bit about the company and what you’re showing here.

BENNY MUNITZ: Okay. So we are a company doing an AI based software ISP, which is state of the art in terms of video quality in real time and challenging lighting conditions, like places with very low light or places that you need very high performance in terms of HGR. We have multiple customers, paying customers, including a big customer in the consumer electronic market and some customers in the defense industry. And we are rapidly growing. It’s a lot of interest to our technology.

NITIN DAHAD: And without giving away detail, you said. But this is software based image processing replacing potentially the hardware based sort of chips that camera sensors are using. Is that right?

BENNY MUNITZ: Absolutely, yes. So we can either replace existing ISPs with our software based ISP, or we can augment existing ISPs with some components of our ISP, which for example you can use our denoiser before using your ISP, and it will augment your ISP dramatically, because it will remove the noise before you get it to your ISP.

NITIN DAHAD: And as I said, you’re a startup and you’ve already got sort of good contracts, you said, and these customers are, the benefits are getting at the high dynamic range and low light processing. Is that right?

BENNY MUNITZ: Correct. So they are really leveraging our capabilities of our denoising capabilities, which are really state of the art, to enjoy higher dynamic range and to operate better in low lighting conditions.

NITIN DAHAD: And your company, like 20 people, and I think most of them are, where do they come from? What’s the background?

BENNY MUNITZ: Okay. The company was founded by people that are in this industry for maybe 20 years or so, a lot of core team came from Mobileye. Most of them are MAs or PhDs, and they really know these challenges for many, many years and decided to come up with a state of the art AI based software solution.

NITIN DAHAD: Benny, thank you very much.

BENNY MUNITZ: Thank you. Thank you, Nitin.