In any human or machine vision application, where real time image quality is important, where good light cannot be guaranteed, You need

security camera


Clear video images at night are critical as that is the time that most crime is committed. In CCTV protecting a property, enable high quality, full colour, real time images in extremely low light.

This means minimal need for additional illumination, saving energy costs, and reducing llight pollution...

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‍There is a trend to smart cameras that can tell the difference between, say, a neighbour's cat and an intruder, and in such cases, a  better quality image will  significantly increase the accuracy of object indentification.

For some home security applications, such as smart video doorbells, images can have high dynamic range as the person at the door may be in silhouette but the background in bright sunlight.


A drone is an expensive investment and if  it can operate safely and effectively in all  lighting and weather conditions then it's use can be extended by extra hours each morning and evening...

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Using AI for image enhancement can solve other challenges for drone vision for either photography or navigation. For example it can be used to eliminate the effects of vibration, wind, rain, or to improve image performance when there is high dynamic range.



The video endoscope uses a tiny image sensor, and some LED lights, to enable surgeons to see, and operate, inside the human body.

Minimizing the illumination is key in the application. The body tissues have liquids and fats and are highly reflective. denoiser allows clear images in much lower light levels than conventional technology...

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The software ISP can also be easily tuned for the specific requirements of the application, which in this case would be greater detail and finer differences in the red and yellow parts of the colour spectrum.

The use of technology will enable endoscopes to have the smallest possible tip size, and the best image quality, leading to faster, more accurate and less invasive surgery.


As regulators seek to reduce the number and severity of road traffic accidents, machine vision cameras are being deployed in the majority of new vehicles worldwide...

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It can also be used to improve image quality from the front, side or rear facing cameras so that downstream algorithms have a great probability of correctly identifying and responding to hazards.

car cabin

Consumer electronics and webcams

Through the pandemic, people around the world found that they were using webcams for more than just the occasional work call. Video calling has become an essential part of how we keep in touch, as we would like to do it somewhere more comfortable and less brightly lit than at a desk...

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a platform for AI to make other enhancements to the webcam experience. For example in automatically framing a scene, in correcting gaze, and in providing an accurate, depth aware and natural blurring of background (Bokeh).

Machine vision for smart cities

Cameras will be increasingly used in smart city deployments for applications such as license plate recognition. The ability of to remove noise from images enables high confidence machine reading of vehicle license plates, in all lighting and weather conditions. As the denoiser works in real time it can be deployed in fast moving traffic, or used to drive real time decision making processes.

license plate recognition