The iPhone 13 & Galaxy Z Paving the Future for Image Processing


With the progress of AI and Deep Neural Networks, Samsung and Apple have officially taken the lead in offering high-grade camera technology right at our fingertips.

Visionary is a gateway for helping the world catch up and for existing camera industries to implement AI processing technology into their business model to match and even surpass the level Apple and Samsung are reaching. At Visionary, our goal is to make advanced  image processing readily accessible to camera industries so that everyone, not just Apple and Samsung, can benefit from state of the art technology.

When it comes to quality, Samsung’s new AI algorithm provides users with never before seen features including dual pixel autofocus, optical image stabilization, adjusted contrast and saturation, and live preview. The live preview camera mode captures your favorite moments from all three cameras in addition to Single Take, which shoots a series of pictures and videos of the main subject that is determined by their AI algorithm.

Granted, Samsung’s fancy detection technology, algorithms and folding concept puts up a strong fight but Apple is still on top in changing the photo-taking game with the new iPhone 13’s upgrades which is officially coming out September 24th. The camera is getting a major boost, including better night mode on wide-angle lens, an improved zoom system, portrait mode for video, high quality video recordings called ProRes, and a new color enhancing system.

Thanks to AI, Apple and Samsung’s advancements are paving the future and are setting standards when it comes to the realm of camera technology.

Apple is offering the ability to shoot in RAW format or as Apple calls it, ProRAW. This capturing ability has been available since the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max and has never been accessible unless the user was shooting through a third party application. RAW format, usually used by professional photographers, is completely unprocessed, meaning the files are quite large. However, the untampered format provides flexibility when it comes to editing so users can control white balance, exposure, tones, and more without degrading the actual quality of the image. Apple is truly providing the “best of both worlds” when it comes to the convenience of photography and professionalism.

Why Data is Changing the Game

Now that RAW data is becoming obtainable on smartphone devices, this technology is bound to be standard on all cameras in the future. In our day and age, data is becoming more and more valuable as industries are learning how to refine and analyze this information to their advantage. When it comes to camera technology, there is so much opportunity that comes with data flexibility. Malls can deduce shopping patterns, security cameras can detect criminal activity, photographers can expand their editing capabilities and so much more.

At Visionary, we are big believers in utilizing raw data as input to ensure the signal is fully utilized and no information is lost.

Apple and Samsung are investing time and money into advancing their proprietary technology and AI algorithms to make cameras so perfect, you won’t even need professional photographers. As AI processes each video frame, it takes raw data from sensors and adds white balance, color correction, and HDR accordingly so that the image matches the user’s aesthetic.

How the World Can Catch Up

In order to stay relevant, the camera industry will need to compete with Apple and Samsung as they will acquire better quality images than other electronics like security cameras, robots, automotive cameras, other mobile phones, and even laptops cameras. This type of contrast could affect the success of big camera industries if they do not catch up to the proprietary AI the giants are developing. Visionary is on a mission to democratize this newage of advanced image processing and make it accessible to the entire camera industry!