Shifting From Hard to Soft ISP in the NVIDIA Jetson


Shifting From Hard to Soft ISP in the NVIDIA Jetson

The Nvidia Jetson is considered to be one of the greatest processing units for AI computing on the Edge. It is power efficient, affordable, and compatible with almost every AI software and cloud-native infrastructure, making it the perfect tool for use cases that incorporate machine learning and deep learning technology. 

Leaders in facial and object recognition, data analysis, automation, and so much more all rely on the Nvidia Jetson to process massive amounts of ingested data at any given second in order to provide cutting-edge capabilities, insights, and tools to product users. 

The NVIDIA Jetson Advantage (& Disadvantage)

The benefits of the Jetson and its computational power is unparalleled. No other embedded system on the market can process video footage much like the Jetson can. Yet despite these facts, it still faces performance issues when it comes to Nvidia’s image signal processing (ISP), which is built on their legacy hardware frameworks. The ISP provides poor image and video quality and is barely used. Not only are many Jetson users not aware of the ISP that each system contains but they aren’t aware that if an enhanced ISP was used, their AI model would actually perform better.

Hard ISP is code written by humans, something Tesla refers to as Software 1.0. AI-enhanced ISPs, also referred to as Software 2.0, isn’t written by humans but is actually written by optimization and AI. 

Without enhanced ISPs, products that leverage computer vision will become obsolete as its framework will underperform in real world situations and, as a result, it will be less accurate than competitor products. Developers will also lose out on capturing the data available within each frame and video if it's not processed correctly. 

So how can the millions of product developers and scientists who rely on the Nvidia Jetson continue to benefit from its usage while simultaneously improving their AI algorithms - and therefore their products with enhanced ISPs? 

The Incorporation of Software ISP

The answer is simple: by replacing hard ISPs with external, software ISPs (also known as Software 2.0) that can provide true night vision, removes noise, and can still detect immaculately even in harsh environmental conditions.

Think about it this way. Every mobile company, especially Apple and Samsung, has already developed and incorporated proprietary and extremely cutting-edge AI ISPs into their phones. That’s why so many photographers use their mobile phones to take beautiful pictures and videos. Apple and Samsung also allow users to edit photos and videos with exposure control, sharpening, shading corrections, white balancing and so much more. Yet, somehow, camera manufacturers and hardware providers (like Nvidia) still don’t offer these AI-based video enhancement and capabilities that seem so modern and basic when used on our mobile devices. 

Visionary.AI’s Edge

Until now, OEMs and Nvidia Jetson users were forced to use pre-developed hardware ISPs that weren’t adjustable and could never be upgraded. With Visionary - the only supplier of Software ISPs on the market - you can upgrade your ISP at every release and always have the most up-to-date technology running on your existing infrastructure - much like how you software update your phone version! 

At Visionary, we provide camera manufacturers and AI developers the ability to incorporate next-generation software ISP that leverages AI to dramatically improve the quality of images and videos and the detection of every detail in each frame. 

By incorporating our AI-based software 2.0 capabilities on your NVIDIA Jetson processing unit, you’ll immediately enhance all incoming image traffic or video footage and your computer vision algorithms and neural nets will be able to analyze the most clear and accurate view of what’s happening in the real world. 

✔ Improve product performance at scale 

✔ Achieve high-quality images & videos 

✔ Increase the accuracy of AI detection algorithms 

✔ See everything, even in poor lighting or at far distances 

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